December 28th, 2006

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Life Less Ordinary ~ SGA (McShep)

Title: Life Less Ordinary
Author: icantfollow
Fandoms: SGA/ER/SG1/Eureka/Lost/Grey's Anatomy
Rating: PG13
Summary: Dr. John Sheppard likes Chicago; he likes the snow and the architecture and the food and the museums. He likes isolation, thrives on loneliness, excels at seclusion. He even likes the Cook County ER where he works, day after day, saving lives, the same routine. Then he accepts a colleague's invitation to Christmas dinner, and his private little world is invaded by an arrogant Canadian astrophysicist. Life will never be the same.

A/N: I wrote a fic that featured Derek Shepherd of Grey's Anatomy and Jack Shephard of Lost as John Sheppard's first cousins. Now I've decided to pretty much go all out and write a cracktastic crossover series featuring as many different characters from different shows as I could think of (who make some level of sense in this universe). In addition to the extreme number of Sheppards in modern television, I couldn't help noticing an extreme number of Carters...

Basically, this is an AU of Sheppard Family Reunion where John did decide to pursue a career in medicine just like his cousins.

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